5 Things to Expect From Your Banquet Event Order

Thinking of a catering bank, but still do not know the basic rules? Catering Embroidery has collected 5 lives that will help to organize the best event in your life!

The menu depends on the time of day

When catering cooks are planning a certain event, the first thing they learn is the time and format of the event. Accordingly, a certain pace of the event is being developed. What does it mean?

If the event is scheduled for Friday evening, then there is a high probability that guests will come to the West immediately after work, that is, they need to offer a full dinner.

If the start is scheduled after 21-22 hours – the guests will have a good time and the best option is to prepare snacks.

Of course, this moment should be due to the guests. It is necessary to warn them that there will be a supper and it is worth coming in time, or that it is a cocktail party with light snacks. When inviting guests at one time or another, one should understand that it will be most relevant to them at one time or another.

Dishes are picked up under “costumes”

What should be on the table? First, do not have to place a table. If it is a party with snacks, it will suffice to have a wide window sill, a dresser, a bar counter – that is, everything that suits food and drinks is convenient.

What foods can not be served in any way?

Again, everything depends on the subject. If the guests come in evening outfits – in no case do not apply sticky food that can contaminate the clothes.

The choice of dishes also depends on the location of the event. You should not order fish dishes in the heat, they will spoil faster than others. Also, note that there are plenty of dishes that quickly lose their appearance: for example, cheese cuts in an hour out of the open air will not look appetizing.

Minimum dishes, maximum comfort

To the question of service. If you have a cocktail party and you are not going to put guests at the table, think about which devices will help you to eat. A cookie on a napkin or a cheese dip on an individual fork, or a glass of dessert … It’s important to think out all the nuances.

100 grams of food per person per hour

There is a definite universal formula that is calculated from the number of people and the time of the event. The most optimal option is 100 grams per hour, more budget – 70 grams. Moreover, the rate of issue may vary, depending on the pace of the event itself. If it lasts 4 hours, the delivery options range from 200 grams of food at one o’clock, 200 to the third, or 250 grams – at 1 o’clock and 150, respectively, at a later date.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the dish: if we compare canape with cherry tomatoes and fish snacks, which can have the same weight – the result from eating will be different. But still, if we take into account the duration of the event, then yes, you can calculate the proportions, because in the average person you need 250 grams of food every 3-4 hours.

Of course, there is another situation in which the main purpose – food and constant stay at the table. More about this – further.

At the business center presentations – get food fast. In nature – slow

One of the main goals of the city is just food. It is important that the food is sufficient for it to be varied and dosed.

Take care that while having a private meal, there was a meal that you can eat with your hands. In addition, you need to serve the food you want to enjoy, rather than eat fast as canapés.

On the presentation, on the contrary, you need to speed up the process so that guests quickly snack and focus on performances, shows or lectures.