About us

Catering "Vishivanka" is an experienced team of chefs, managers and waiters who have been working on creating traditional dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisines for over 10 years.

Thanks to our many years of experience and excellent service, Vishivanka is able to satisfy any gastronomic needs and organize both a small coffee break and a daily corporate meal for large enterprises.


Why do we?

"Vyshivanka" - supporters of tasty, balanced and affordable food. That is why we focus on a wide range of products that meet modern needs and replenish the taste of home-made cuisine.

Come to us, because:
- In our kitchen only qualified chefs and professional equipment
- We provide a wide assortment of dishes according to the high standards
- We focus on the individual needs of each client
- We work with professional technologists who control all stages of cooking
- We respond quickly to your wishes and remarks

We take care of our reputation, so you can be sure of high-quality service.
Everything we do - we do for you!

Our news


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Thinking of a catering bank, but still do not know the basic rules? Catering Embroidery has collected 5 lives that will help to organize the best event in your life! The menu depends on the time of day When catering cooks are planning a certain event, the first thing they learn is the time and […]

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Catering: why do you need a room service event?

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