Catering: why do you need a room service event?

Do you plan your outing, but do not know how to organize your meals? Everything is much easier than you think. After all, thanks to the catering services, it is possible to provide a meal event of any size and scale. So today, we will talk about catering as an important component of the outing event.

What is catering?

Often the word “catering” knocks people out of trouble, because there is no clear understanding of it. The majority stops that catering is providing catering services in remote locations. But in fact catering is not only cooking, but also delivery, serving tables, serving guests and even the design and decorating of the venue.

What does catering need?

Imagine this situation: you have organized a conference, the guests begin to gather in the hall, filling in vacancies. The speakers act on stage one after another, applauds loudly, the audience is delighted. You look at the plan of the event and understand that the time has come for a break. So you announce this to all the participants. Guests begin to get up from their seats and look for where they could drink tea or coffee.

Of course, if the coffee break was not thought up in advance, the guests will not find anything. In the end, you will only have to watch as part of the present does not know where to go and it is embarrassing to remain on their chairs, nervously staring at the clock, while the rest of the guests hurriedly going to the nearest cafe to quickly snap something there.

It is clear that half of them will be late for the second part of the event. And their movement around the room will prevent the next speakers. Around the full chaos, fuss, roar, gloomy faces of the speakers and guests. It seems like a complete failure!

That is why on events and provided catering services. Coffee breaks or small buffets, which are usually accompanied by conferences, are designed not only to give participants the opportunity to eat and rest, but also to keep the situation under control for a break, as well as to have the timing of the event clearly mellow. In addition, the participants have a positive impression about the event, whose organizers take care of their guests and their comfort.

Benefits of catering

The advantage of outbound servicing is the wide range of options for choosing a venue. Conference hall, terrace, park, lake – no matter what place you choose, thanks to catering to organize and hold it anywhere. In addition, unlike holding events in closed cafes or restaurants that offer visitors specific menu items, catering is an area where the customer volunteered to participate in the development of the entire list of foods and beverages.

Catering formats

The catering format depends on the features of the event, its goals, themes and many other factors. But with the passage of time and the development of this industry, there are several classic formats, which arrange most often. Among them: coffee breaks, buffets, barbecues, cocktails, banquets, wedding parties and others.

More about each of the formats we will talk about in the following publications of our blog, as well as in our societies. Networks So do not forget to keep an eye out for updates;)

And finally, we offer you 3 rules of catering, which should always be remembered:

Most companies have a standard menu for each type of event. But Vyshyvanka-Catering insists on the fact that it is extremely important to take into account the individual wishes of customers and their features.


Catering is not just a cooking, but a whole range of services. Just nobody will surprise you with a delicious meal. It is important that the company be able to provide the appropriate number of attendants, all necessary utensils, furniture, textiles, etc. Just like the experts from Vyshyvanka-catering.


Often, customers, not knowing all the nuances of the organization, offer ideas that may hinder the event. And here it is not necessary to be afraid to refuse or insist on the approved professional decision. The customer who takes care of his event is always happy to trust his professionals!


Catering is a tool that makes the event successful. But more about this we will talk in the following publications. Succeeding for you!