How to Build a Catering Menu for Your Restaurant?

Finally, the moment has come when we will tell you not only what such catering is, but also all the processes from the inside! So feel better and get ready to record interesting insights. Welcome to our kitchen!

Step one

Define the subject of the event.

As we serve weddings (both in banquet halls and outings), buffets, barbecues, corporate parties, as well as the creation of homemade baking – it is important for us to know what service (or complex) is interesting to the client. Based on this, we will prescribe the necessary positions that will surely fall on the festive table.

The catering menu offers flexibility and the ability to suit the needs of the most demanding customer.

After this, our chefs begin their work on cooking, which will soon be on the holiday.

Step two

Here we decided on the topic, prescribed the necessary dishes. What are they?

All food that will be issued during the event, we divide into several blocks, depending on the structure of the issuance.



When guests arrive – we serve drinks. Regardless of the theme of the event, you need to take care of the presence of water, coffee and juices. If on the yard is summer – ideal lightweight prosecco, parietal spritz or cocktail of mimosa will fit perfectly. In the cold season you can warm up the mulled wine.

At the same time, we do not forget about the easy action. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, mini-burgers and seafood canapés are what’s for appetite warming.

Next is the main part of the holiday, and with it and refined main dishes to the taste of the client. At the barbeque party, we serve excellent fried steaks and grilled vegetables, for weddings and banquets we develop a comprehensive menu that combines all the elements: meat sliced, light salads and author’s dishes from our chefs.

Festive dessert table finishes. We cook macaroni, eclairs, croissants and small cakes for every taste that will perfectly savor a cup of coffee or tea.

By the way, we also have a separate home-made baking service. Therefore, for those who like to organize a sweet table, or to dilute their coffee break, we are always ready to provide the sweetest and freshest delicious meals!

Step three

Even after dessert there is a chance to not end the party, and invite everyone to the art bar, where you will meet friendly bartenders who make thematic cocktails.

The main thing to remember is that catering is not just a service, but an opportunity to organize surprises for your guests. A catering menu is a vivid confirmation!